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JK and SK students have access to Osmo devices and accessories in the classroom, where one of the strongest accompaniments is the Osmo Coding program. They provide a nice bridge between the tactile elements found in other early coding tools such as Bee-Bots, and transition to the screen based drag and drop style that they will be accessing more and more.

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Bee-Bot is a great app suited for JK and SK students who are just getting started with building a “coding mind”. It would be the best route for laying the foundation for planning out a path using simple commands, as well as block-based. We use the physical Bee-Bots with mats in the classroom beginning in JK and continuing with SK.

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Code.org is a free online platform that teaches students of all ages how to code at their own comfort level.  Younger students can progress through different challenges using block-based coding, similar to what they will use when working with Scratch Jr.  The early lessons also let them click on the speaker icon to hear directions rather than rely on being able to read them, should they still be an emergent reader. Our oldest students will also be plenty challenged as they are given personalized lessons that suit their level of programming experience.

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Intro levels
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Beginner levels







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Intermediate levels
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Java instruction

Scratch Jr.

Scratch JR. continues to be one of the leading platforms for teaching young students how to code. Because it lays the groundwork for success when students are ready to make the transition to Scratch (the more robust platform for older students), it becomes a natural transition when they are ready to layer in more advanced commands.

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