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You are likely already plenty familiar with Khan Academy as it has already been used by our math department to provide additional tutorials for students. Along with other powerful tutorial sites, a link to this completely free resource can also be added to the sidebar of class Schoology pages or wherever math homework is assigned. While the lessons are not specifically Singapore aligned in their explanations, for our older students it allows for tutorials as an additional accompaniment to their learning.

***Side Idea*** Once students get some experience with evaluating what makes a successful video tutorial, there are a number of platforms featured on this site that we can use to curate and showcase our own student lessons.



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This is an extension that you add to Chrome for easy overlay of math equations etc… into a Google Doc and other sharable cloud-based resources. It is a highly recommended resource to explore as it takes seconds to add and could save you, and even potentially students, considerable amounts of time.


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GeoGebra is another free catalog of digital resources created by educators and updated regularly. It is an excellent resource for data visualization for students, and templates that can be built on.
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Socratic can be used outside of math, but it really is designed and aligned as a math resource (obviously particularly with this version). It is a great extra resource for students who may want some additional breakdown of a particular mathematical concept.

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Desmos is a free online graphing calculator that you are likely already familiar with. It is a quick and easy “go-to” for graphing data and can also be used to create images and designs based on that data.
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Socrative is in the same family of quiz creators and interactive digital learning platforms that help track student understanding in real time. You can set up classes as well so in effect it is a more formalized collection of student data than other quiz platforms like Quizlet or Kahoot.
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Watch a video demo below!


FLIPQUIZ is a resource for making Jeopardy-style games. It doesn’t link you to student responses, in the same way, some of the other platforms like Kahoot or Quizlet do, but it is a good option to have on hand, particularly for students that want to use this as a component to a presented lesson.
Click HERE try out a live demo template
Click HERE for a video overview
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ThingLink is another option for independent student projects, or unit wrap-ups for students to show what they have learned. There are unlimited possibilities for using this platform either in teaching, student learning, assessment, and lesson enhancement.

Click HERE to check out how some of our middle school students used ThingLink when reading Lord of the Flies in a 7th grade English class

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Click HERE to examine the picture below to see how one could embed info into an animated gif.


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