Maths Facts: Number Bonds

Maths Facts: Number Bonds offers a good introduction to the concept of number bonding (while building the scaffolding for future work with bigger fact families). The multi-sensory approach that has young learners dragging numbers to complete a bond helps reinforce their building number sense. This app is particularly strong in the way it pairs with the Singapore Math curriculum familiar to students in schools that incorporate this curriculum

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Felt Board

Felt Board is a great app for not only creating, but also story boarding as well. Students can create a scene with backgrounds and characters, save it as a picture, and then change it slightly and continue the process of saving each change as a new picture. They can then “app-smash” by inserting the saved pictures from their tablet’s camera roll into Book Creator and use those tools to finish their story. Younger students who are just getting started on their writing journey could take advantage of the voice recording feature in book creator to narrate their story that originated in the Felt Board app.

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We use the Create-a-Car app in JK during their car unit to allow students to design, name, and test out their own automotive creations.

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Osmo Words

Words is yet another learning tool that utilizes the Osmo devices. There are sets that can be checked out from the library (enough for a half group). They are a great way to Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 6.22.19 PMreinforce spelling and phonetic patterns to help complement any existing word building program.


Bee-Bot is a great app suited for JK and SK students who are just getting started with building a “coding mind”. It would be the best route for laying the foundation for planning out a path using simple commands, as well as block-based. We use the physical Bee-Bots with mats in the classroom beginning in JK and continuing with SK.

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Fishy Paint

Fishy Paint is an app on JK iPads that allow students the chance to not just paint fish and put them into their own digital aquarium, but they can also record their voice overtop and change the movement of the swimming fish with the touch of their finger. They can even add a photo of their head onto a diver’s body so it looks like they are swimming in the aquarium!

Drawing Pad

Drawing Pad is a “go to” app for digital drawing and creating. It is an especially strong tool for “app smashing” between other apps such as book creator.¬† It is a great beginner tool for JK and SK but can also work for students who want to do more as you can draw/mark right on photos, tell stories, label etc…

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Letter School

Because you can adjust the settings in Letter School to “Handwriting Without Tears” (or other programs) it is a slightly better alternative to HWT’s own app, Wet Dry Try. It is recommended that beyond the first weeks of JK, students have to use a stylus to better reinforce pencil grip at the same time of letter formation.
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Short Vowels

This app is a nice opportunity for JK and SK emergent readers to get a sense of word families, CVC combinations, rhyming patterns and more… There are other apps like it, but this has a nice interface that has been successful with many of our early readers.
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Hungry Fish

Various levels throughout this app allow our earlier JK through 2nd-grade students help fortify their foundations in number bonding.
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Build Your Reef

This is a SUPER cool app that allows students the chance to build and care for their own virtual ocean world. It is on all the JK iPads and is both simple to use for our early learners, as well as robust enough to allow our learners to grow with it to build even more!

Book Creator: iPad

Book Creator has been a familiar resource for a few years now, but constant updates to the program have now really begun to unleash possibilities. The online platform allows our students to really tap into the ease with which they can create e-books and organize them on a digital bookshelf. It could even be a viable alternative to websites for housing and publishing their research projects.

Book Creator has also added a major update this Fall; the ability to embed content from

Embed from other sites and apps with a click of a button!

other sites and applications!

Explore some samples of ways our students have used Book Creator below!

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